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climate review July

Media in the US have begun free reporting on climate change -- corporate and federal censorship seems to have ended. July 2008 marks the date that even the infamous Drudge Report started to post unwarped news. As a result, reality denial is eroding. Climate discourse is expanding.

Downunder, penguins are freezing in the rain. An ostensive definition of "global warming" would be to point to the South Pole -- it's winter in the Southern hemisphere ... and it rains in Antarctica.

On the other hand, an ostensive definition of "climate change" would be to point to the Bavarian alps --it's summer in the Northern hemisphere, and two runners up on the Zugspitze froze to death.

While last year was a ' year of records,' this year looks to become the 'year of consequences'. I wonder what information will emerge next year. Somehow it wouldn't surprise me if the ongoing series of empirical milestones will yield a conceptual breakthrough in 2009. I suspect such breakthrough will underscore (a) systems theory, (b) geophysiology, or (c) emergence. But I'm probably reading too much Laozi, Spinoza, and Kant ... For now, let's review the mid-year data flow. In mid-2008, here and now, three items stick out.

First, the polar melt is speeding up. It seems reasonably sure that the Arctic cap is going to be cornflower blue in a few decades. Greenland's icecap keeps melting off. The 2007 prediction of a sea level rise of a few centimeters, as per AR 4, has become unlikely. Assuming everything else holds steady and Antarctica won't slip, world sea levels will go up at least one and a half meters this century.

If you are a parent in Florida, consider showing the Everglades to your kid. Chances are the River of Grass won't make it. On average 30 cm above current sea levels, that particular biome is unique through its water mix -- fresh with a pinch of brine. By 2100 (and no Antarctic ice slip), what will be left is going to be mangroves.

Second, biological diversity is crashing. In this here Year of Corals, corals are dying. It's not just that by now, one third of reef-building coral organisms face elevated extinction risks, as Science reports. It's also the NOAA report that's so stunning. Since 2005, half of the corals in the waters around here, in the Caribbean and at Puerto Rico, have bleached into a boneyard. So ... take your kid down to Key Largo, rent the gear in the park, and go see the corals together. Looks like we're the final generation with reefs.

The third item that sticks out from the mid-2008 info is that the window of optimal opportunities has slammed shut. The chance to stay on the plus two degree centigrade track has come and gone. Now chances are climate will creep into the danger zone. Even if the Gringo Square folds into just another dumb & dead ideology; even if the Gang of Four, Bush, Cheney, Rice, & Rove, is sent to jail, and even if the Americans seize the moment -- in short, even if the evolution starts that's simulated as the "Kyoto Plus" scenario -- it'll be too late to keep the damage within safe bounds. Point is, even if Copenhagen 2009 will be a triumph and lead to maximum caps by 2012, by 2100 average temps will be up at least 3.3 C.

And that's bad, boys and girls! A runaway effect is unfolding. Conceptually, it's intriguing how an ineffable field of being - it's just weather, right? - moves through time as an inertial system gaining in momentum. Something as airy as climate is massing a runaway freight train ...

-- The next post will be a review of Heidegger, Politics, and Climate Change by Ruth Irwin at Auckland University of Technology, to be published by Continuum later this year. --

Apt Quote

"The survival of the United States of America as we know it is at risk."

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