Thursday, January 31, 2013

climate reality check

Dust clouds from parched Australia are hit by rain over the sea

A new climate events post is at the Blistered Orb's data bank.
The information keeps hardening.  The weirding weather aligns with the simulations.  Global warming keeps pace with the bleakest scenarios.  Emissions growth puts us on track for a 4-5C temp rise by century's end.  In 2012, the U.S. has seen the hottest year ever, a record 2C above the past century's yearly averages.

Policywise, nothing is happening.  Obama dared to mention "climate change" in his State of the Union address, which made Republicans gasp with shock and Liberals cream their pants.  What audacity!  No decision-maker realizes that the climate crisis is dictating the terms of a cultural paradigm shift.  Folks here still think they can keep going as usual, with only slight adjustments.

The South Florida Tar Pit is so deeply in denial of climate reality that state politicians would never even think about discussing how to copy Japan's Hayabusa Shinkansen or Taiwan's city subway system, no; in fact they do not even think about adding on public bus lines.  Instead, around our neighborhood, the City of Tampa just added new highway lanes to deal with SUV congestion.  And while Governor Christ chips away at schools and universities, Senator Rubio declared last week that climate change "is not a proven fact".  One day, in the not-so-far-off future, the American Disenlightenment will be studied by teams of anthropologists, historians, and psychiatrists.  Be a witness of the present!