Monday, May 07, 2012

climate newsletter up

Edging into "severe," "exceptional" drought

The Climate Philosophy Newsletter 5 (2011/2012) is done.  You can find it at the ISEE website and at the climate phil quick link on the homepage of USF Philosophy.  To say that the past twelve months have seen a tick-up in research is an understatement.  This year's bibliography is three times as long as last year's and boasts creative approaches I had never seen before.  The emerging reality of climate change is affecting ever larger areas in Philosophy, as it well should.  Watching this gives you this odd sense of witnessing a historic intellectual transformation in the making.  On a personal level, keeping track of all this excellent work done by colleagues helps me to clarify the profiles of analytic Climate Ethics, Climate Virtue Ethics, and synthetic Climate Philosophy.  It also helps me with the continued redesign of Ecosophy, as a climate-centric (neither 'anthro' nor 'bio') interrogation of being-in-the-world as an existential and civil evolution along the absolute limit.