Thursday, June 25, 2009

Climate Philosophy 2009

We have eighty-nine months left.

The climate philosophy newsletter is now online.

The Mad Hun will resume posting monthly reviews by January '10. 2009 is a historic year. We are approaching the tipping point now. Reason for a ecosophical revolution is more pressing than ever. According to the print edition of Scientific American Earth 3.0, Summer 2009, "View: The Efficiency Solution," p. 12-13, current U.S. energy flow, in quadrillion Btu, is supplied by the following: petroleum 39.81; natural gas 23.63; coal 22.76; nuclear 8.41; biomass 3.61; hydro 2.46; geothermal 0.35; wind 0.31; solar 0.08. Put differently, of a total US energy production of 101.42 quadrillion Btu, the Sun's power accounts for less than one tenth of a percent.

Later this year, in Copenhagen, the world will find out whether the USA can become enlightened.

Clock's ticking.