Monday, April 16, 2012


In Die Zeit, I came across an article on Germany's shrinking market share in the global photovoltaic boom.  The word above the headline, Energiewende, caught my attention. "Energie" is energy, and "Wende" is 'turn'.  "Energie-Wende" is the switchover to renewables.  Which is happening in Europe and Asia, but not here.  There's a broadening of the energy base in America, but no switch.  The crazy part about this is that there's no English word for it.  At least I couldn't think of any.  Is it me?  Or is it America?  I fear the American Disenlightenment just deepened to a linguistic dimension.  It's scary how the US is falling behind.  Now they're not even keeping up with words anymore.  Well, maybe they'll be turning Energiewende into a loanword.  Like Kindergarten.

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