Sunday, October 02, 2011

occupy tampa

Four hundred people own half the wealth of this country.  All empirical studies show that trickle down Reaganomics is a lie. (And if you don't believe it, just take a look around).  The overclass sucks wealth out of the work done by the rest of us, the ninety-nine percent of wage earners, and this wealth is NOT coming back to the society.  The tax rate for the rich is a fraction of what it used to be under Eisenhower.

Meanwhile students pay more tuition year after year -- for education that, rightfully, should be free.  Seekers of degrees do society a service, because prosperity in an era of civil evolution lies squarely with information-based economies.  College kids and grad students are thus patriots: their learning helps the country.  Why, then, must they pay?

Add to this that students -- and not only students! -- pay when they need to see a doctor.  But why on Earth should they?  Are Americans inferior to the citizens of nations with healthcare?  Why do Japanese, German, Swiss, French, Korean, Taiwanese students (etc.) have free healthcare, but American students do not?  What makes U.S. kids unworthy?  Why must they pay?

Just as there is a minimum wage (albeit one that's far too low), there ought to be a maximum wage.  Currently, of course, there is none; in fact the mere demand sounds insane.  And if the liberal bourgeois pundits in their good suits and red ties would talk about it, they'd call it 'communism' and add eerie sounds to frighten you, so that your brain freezes and you stop asking taboo questions.  Well: don't stop.  So let's ask communist questions to the authorities anyway.  Where should we set the maximum wage?  At 100 million a year?  At 10 million a year?  At 1 million year?  At 500 k per year?  At 250 k per year? Still too high?  Well then, just for kicks, consider a maximum annual after-tax income of 100 k. Take it further: let's assume 100 k is the cap for joint household incomes.

Should that not be enough for any family to live on, and live really well?  Why would you need more?  For sending the kids to college?  But college can be free.  For seeing the doctor?  But physicians can be civil servants.  So imagine: the cap is 100 k; anything more is taken by a strong central government, to make education and healthcare free to all, and to transform the tar-pit motorvating culture into a  sustainable society.  That way America would have a fighting chance to weather the climate crunch and to make it safely through the century.

Would this be so bad?

Occupy Wall Street.

Better yet (mind your carbon footprint): Occupy Tampa.

There is only sixty-two months left.

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