Friday, January 02, 2009

resolutions for a happy 2009

It is herewith proposed that ...

We shall return to the Principles of Justice.

We pledge
to close our concentration camp;
to abstain from torturing and special rendition;
to refrain from ordering secret arrests and using secret evidence; and
to rehabilitate innocents, such as USF Professor Sami Al-Arian.

We shall rejoin the Global Village.

We pledge
to reign in and supervise our corporations;
to refrain from invading sovereign nations;
to fight terrorism by curing its causes;
to respect all treaties and courts that serve the common good.

We shall craft a Sustainable Future.

In particular,
we pledge
to build only energy-plus houses everywhere;
to build, for want of better alternatives, nuclear power plants;
to build wind farms on all coasts and ridges and the open seas;
to build solar collectors on every present roof top;
to build, in all cities, people zones, bike paths, and bus systems;
to build, from downtowns to exurbs, competitive light rail networks;
to build, between any two cities, commuter and bullet train lines;
to build enough cargo rail networks to move all freight by train;
to phase out meat-based agribusiness such as factory farming;
to ramp up family planning, population control, and sex education; and
to design economic circles via recyclable and reusable products

In general,
we pledge
to rewild our public lands;
to evolve to a post-carbon future;
to wean ourselves from consumerism,
to forestall the future reproach of our children.

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