Sunday, March 23, 2008

climate review March (A)


Freiburg, Germany, greenest city on the planet Observer 3.23.08

American decline BBC Video 3.23.08
Bush is the Devil Washington Post 3.23.08

The Mayor of London's ecological vision Guardian 3.23.08

New England sugar maples tapped one month earlier ... Rocky Mountain marmots emerge over a month earlier ... British goldfinches have stopped migrating south in winter Observer 3.23.08

American news reporting on global warming NPR Audio 3.23.08

deep ecological etiquette Guardian 3.23.08

10 most historically inaccurate movies Yahoo 3.22.08

Number One: 2001 A Space Odyssee (1968)
According to this film, in year 2001 we would have had manned voyages to Jupiter, a battle of wits with a sentient computer, and a quantum leap in human evolution. Instead we got the Mir Space Station falling from the sky, Windows XP, and Freddy Got Fingered.
Calculate your water use Alternet 3.22.08

Climate change deepens water crisis Common Dreams 3.20.08
Global warming rushes timing of spring AP Science 3.19.08
Dutch currency exchangers reject dollar Spiegel 3.19.08
Glaciers are melting faster than expected Science Daily 3.18.08
list of countries that have dropped dollar as reserve currency GeorgeWashingtonBlog 3.18.08

Dubai to join Earth Hour blackout on 3/29 Yahoo/AFP 3.18.08
... Earth Hour at World Wildlife Fund Australia
... Earth Hour partner cities
... Earth Hour faq
... Earth Hour website
... Earth Hour on Wikipedia

Arctic losing long-term ice cover BBC 3.18.08
EU agrees climate plan deadline BBC 3.14.08
America flushed down the toilet Exile 3.17.08
.... link to Vlad Kalashnikov's Daily Gloat

Iraq: how to destroy a country in five years Alternet 3.17.08
is Bush mentally unstable? New York Times 3.16.07
Shell overstated oil reserves Observer 3.16.08
Pope Benedict XVI: enough with slaughter in Iraq Breitbart 3.16.08

West Virginia's environmental devastation Boston Globe 3.16.08

Melting glaciers start countdown to climate chaos Guardian 3.16.08
The rise of American incompetence Slate 3.15.08
Germany wins guarantee in emissions trading plan International Herald Tribune 3.14.08

American denial of global warming Washington Times 3.14.08
U.S. Weather Channel founder to sue Gore for fraud Fox 3.14.08
Bush is the Devil Capitol Hill Blue 3.14.08

Unamerican alternatives to laundry dryers Boston Globe 3.13.08

The peak oil crisis--the last spiral? Energy Bulletin 3.13.08
Is U.S. now like Czechoslovakia in 1975? Guardian 3.13.08
Local way to address climate change Common Dreams 3.13.08

Water in dams and reservoirs prevents accurate data on sea-level rise National Geographic 3.13.08
SUVs without wheels Common Dreams 3.13.08
Coolest winter since 2001 for U.S., Globe NOAA 3.13.08

update on Katrina victims Yahoo/AP 3.13.08
War criminal Chevron "Altair Voyager" Common Dreams 3.13.08
Increased atmospheric CO2 linked to decreased soil organic matter Terra Daily 3.13.08

Americans carry weapons in national parks Seattle Post-Intelligencer 3.12.08
The fall of the American consumer Nation 3.12.08
China, Jordan get rid of dollars Spiegel 3.12.08

Eco-Terrorism: there's no such thing Common Dreams 3.12.08< British Foreign Secretary D. Milband's embarrassed apology for having aided and abetted U.S. torturers Alternet 3.11.08

Update on Australia's catastrophic drought BBC 3.11.08

James Kunstler: kiss the NASCAR era good-bye Alternet 3.11.08
F├╝hrer Bush's anti-torture veto Alternet 3.11.08
The many reasons to be ashamed to be American Exile 3.11.08
Global warming to affect transport Yahoo/AP 3.11.08

American rush to produce corn-based ethanol will worsen dead zones in Gulf of Mexico Energy Daily 3.11.08
Zero carbon output ... or else Washington Post 3.10.08
Labor's war on global warming Nation 3.10.08
Deciding whether to have a second child Salon 3.10.08
Recycle or go to hell, warns Vatican Telegraph 3.10.08

Southern Baptists change belief on climate New York Times 3.10.08
Drastic measures for drastic times Boulder-Camera 3.9.08
Expanding ocean dead zones Tree Hugger (picture) 3.9.08
Antarctic ice melts unusually fast Spiegel 3.7.08

Oldies but goodies:

International Society for Environmental Ethics[undated]
Declaration of climate emergency Counter Currents 2.11.08
Toxic Chinese products Epoch Times 5.27.07
James Hanson concerned IPCC ignores danger of ice sheet melt University of California Santa Barbara video 5.15.07
Oil Ministry untouched building in ravaged Baghdad Sidney Morning Herald 4.16.03


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The latest news about climate change is so alarming (the right wing would say alarmist) as to make many people want to plant their aching heads in the sand. Some scientists using advanced computer models now argue that if we want to stop the Earth from warming, the amount of carbon we should be emitting is ... none. None? As in, zero? As in, shutting down the global industrial economy? After all, global energy demand is expected to accelerate until at least 2020. Yet attempts even to slow the rate of increase of carbon emissions have paralyzed world politics for more than a decade.