Monday, February 18, 2008

climate review January


While sifting the season's information flow, a few things got stuck in the sieve ...

Union of Concerned Scientists

common sense solution 1: the cars
common sense solution 2: the grid
common sense solution 3: the homes
common sense solution 4: the trees
common sense solution 5: the visions
ten personal climate solutions

The news ...

droughts in U.S., Mexico, Europe, Turkey etc. The Nation 11.17.07
testimony on extent of polar melt (1 h 43 m video) C-Span 11.26.07
rising seas to beat predictions BBC 12.17.07
the pacific ocean garbage patch Sidney Morning Herald 12.29.07

oil at $100/barrel 1.4.08
(Flashback -- this day nine years ago oil at $11/barrel

UK living standards outstrip US The Times (London)1.6.08
Greenland, ice and instability New York Times 1.8.08
Shipping industry's bogus climate study New Scientist 1.8.08
Aussie rant on American vehicles The Age (Melbourne) 1.9.08
Tata Nano specs BBC 1.10.08
freak weather in Iraq Breitbart 1.11.08
bad weather in Africa BBC 1.11.08
the logic of plant-animal interplays New York Times 1.11.08
worse weather in Africa BBC 1.12.08
Northeast winters hotter by 2.5 degrees San Diego Tribune 1.13.08

Antarctic ice loss speeding up Nature 1.13.08

stop roads, rebuild rails Clusterfucknation Blog 1.14.08
2000-2007 U.S. brown policies Times Herald(New York) 1.14.08
2007 tied as 2nd warmest year ever Goddard Institute 1.16.08

American concentration camp at Bahrain Asia Times 1.16.08
climate changer-in-chief gets Peak Oil PoweringDown Blog 1.17.08
Canada lists US as torture nation (German) Der Spiegel 1.17.08
Canada puts US on torture list (English) BBC 1.18.08
Torture: US on Canada's torture list (French) Le Monde 1.18.08

the end of cheap food? The Guardian (Manchester) 1.20.08

2007 record year for wind industry The Oildrum Blog 1.20.08
US censors arctic scientists The Independent (London) 1.22.08
happy face (1) on fake climate meet Financial Times 1.23.08

state of the climate Huffington Post 1.23.08

US brownest of G 8 New York Times 1.23.08

12,500 UK windfarms The Independent (London) 1.24.08
options for a 2012 climate treaty Pew Center 1.24.08
the anthropocene has begun The Independent (London) 1.26.08
big business laughs at climate The Independent (London) 1.27.08

Iditarod moved farther north Anchorage Daily News 1.28.08
freak weather in China Daily Mail (London) 1.28.08
Iraqi government tackles global warming The Lede Blog 1.28.08
the battle for food, oil, and water Financial Times (London) 1.28.08

climate -- rethinking the meat guzzler New York Times 1.29.08

US fuel efficiency worse than 20 ys ago Common Dreams 1.30.08
happy face (2) on fake climate meet Yahoo News 1.30.08
freak weather in NYC New York Sun 1.30.08
freak weather in Jerusalem The Boston Globe 1.30.08

activists create memorial to Bush's evil legacy Greenpeace 1.30.08
happy face (3) on fake climate meet Hawaii News 1.30.08

Shell's 2007 profits biggest ever The Daily Mail (London)1.31.08

UN: climate change may cost $20 trillion AP 1.31.08

duh result of fake climate meet San Fran Chronicle 2.1.08

Australia experiences hottest January ever Yahoo News 2.1.08
climate change & western drought National Geographic 2.1.08
how oil burst US bubble TomDispatch 2.1.08
happy face (4) on fake climate meet USA Today 2.2.08

rain forest shrinking speeds up AP 2.3.08
Amazon near tipping point PhysOrg 2.4.08

Greenland tipping point Yahoo 2.4.08

China freak weather & food Telegraph (London) 2.4.08

US late and lame on warming New York Times 2.4.08

climate risk areas The Guardian (London) 2.5.08

winter disappearing as season in UK Terra Daily 2.8.08
farms delete world wilderness New Scientist 2.9.08
the pacific garbage patch PeakEnergy blog 2.10.08
climate change & ocean dead zones LA Times 2.15.08

California climate change education bill Mercury News 2.15.08
status of corporate carbon portfolios It's Getting Hot blog 2.16.08

Canada oil sands pollution Reuters 2.16.08

active subglacial watersystems (pdf) Science 2.18.08
North Atlantic current and abrupt climate change Nature 2.21.08
lubricating subglacial lakes (pdf) Nature 2.22.08
lubricating lakes and fast-flowing ice streams (pdf) Nature 2.22.08


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