Wednesday, January 23, 2008

survival = hippie evolution


Thoughts on Climate 2007--Making Sense of the Year of Records:

OldBadgertoo muses, "America has always put its own national interest before that of everything else."

Jonno interjects, "Psst, hate to tell you this but the USA don’t put its own interests first; it always puts Israel’s first."

Not in climate policy! Israeli politicians know that global heating isn't in their national interest(source). Israel is the 118. member of the UN FCCC (source); it signed on to Kyoto 1998 and has ratified the protocol since 2004.

Everyone is held by Gaia's web; there are no free riders.

Ullern comments on my "the USA is responsible for the planet’s fever" with "not only in emissions, but also through the exploitative consumerist lifestyles it promotes in the rest of the world."

The Stern Report, p. 24, identifies climate change as market failure.

It seems Marx died with Gorbachev's rule in the 20th century.

It appears Adam Smith is dying under Bush's watch.

mrpickwick notes, "All of us are in for a cataclysmic downhill ride to an unthinkable climatic future."

chilijan adds, "At some point someone will decide we need to be stopped."

To which I'd like to suggest that the someone is the planetary biosphere, and the point in time is now. If we don't stop koyaanisqatsi, Gaia will.

thewonderingyou gets down to brass tacks and states, "Real conservation must begin or nothing else will make a difference."

Real conservation means no consumerism. How this is even conceivable, you ask?

Simple--just stop buying stuff. Opt out. Live small.

If you wonder how, just remember the Hippies.

Just as Garrison Keillor got it right, when he named the Republican agenda, in anessay worth re-reading, "the Great Crusade against the Sixties".

And there you have it.

Survival = Conservation = Opting Out = the Sixties;

Survival (and I mean happy, pleasant, fun survival) means:
distilling Hippie Culture to its essence, and
using it to evolve from the dumb today to a wise tomorrow.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Kudos to tmkowal for "Essay on Global Heating" (comment 17; scroll).

I join in Siouxrose's praise.

Fred Pearce, in With Speed and Violence,p. xiii, wrote that 1998 was the warmest year on record probably for thousands of years.

NASA announced two years ago that 2005 was the warmest year on record, relegating 1998 to place two.

A few days ago NASA declared that 2007 was tied with 1998.

And the Independent (UK) reports 1/22/08 that the U.S. censors Arctic scientists' findings as it prepares for oil and gas auction.

Echoing nspire I bid you Namaste.


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