Thursday, August 17, 2006

2006 Climate Philosophy Conference

Here is the program for the 1st International Conference on Climate & Philosophy at the University of South Florida, September 14-16.

Thanks are owed to the many volunteers for their effort, time, and resources, particularly to the staff of USF Philosophy, the Philosophy Graduate Student Organization (PGSO), and the Society for Classical Pragmatism Studies (SCPS). We expect a large turnout of faculty, students, and the public.

To avoid legal constraints that would otherwise be imposed on us by the university, no registration fee will be charged. Climate change is a sensitive topic in the US, and academic freedom should be top priority. We are proud to rely only on departmental funds. The conference is not sponsored by any corporate or governmental entity.

The conference meets in the Grand Ballroom and two adjacent rooms in the Phyllis P. Marshall Center, University of South Florida main campus, 4202 East Fowler Avenue, Tampa FL 33620. For directions and accommodations please see below. Session length is 45 minutes (30 min presentation, 15 min discussion).

Thursday, September 14
9:30-10:15: Robin Attfield (University of Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom): "Mediated Responsibilities, Global Warming, and the Scope of Ethics"
10:15-11:00: Thomas Heyd (Univ. of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada/Univ. of La Laguna, Spain): "Responding to Rapid Natural Changes and the Role of Culture"
11:15-12:00: Toby Howe (University of West Florida, Pensacola): "Chrono-Climatology: Temporal Factors and their Anthropogenic Features"
1:30-2:15: Ruth Irwin (University of Auckland, New Zealand): "Climate Change, Hurricane Katrina, and Heidegger on Technological Enframing"
2:15-3:00: Bruce Morito (Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada): "The Ethics of Climate Change -- an Empirical Approach to Moral Concern"
3:15-4:00: Nancy Tuana (Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania): "Contributions of Philosophy to the Global Science and Policy of Climate Change"
4:00-4:45: Rupert Read (University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom): "Climate Change and the Unsustainability of Rawls' Difference Principle"
7:00 reception and dinner (contact Nancy Keen, Office Manager, USF Philosophy, 813-974-5698 or

Friday, September 15
9:30-10:15: Roger Ariew (USF): "Descartes, Leibniz, and the Heresy of Global Science"
10:15-11:00: Martin Schönfeld (USF): "Kant on Climate -- Natural Dynamics and Sustainable Policies"
11:15-12:00: Ronnie Hawkins (University of Central Florida, Orlando): "Biocentrism -- A Conceptual Framework for Addressing Global Climate Change"
1:30-2:15: Denise Kleinrichert (USF): "Climate, Community, and Cultivation -- Implications of Reciprocity"
2:15-3:00: Alex Levine (USF): "Representing the World -- Climate and Weltgeist"
3:15-4:00: Joanne Waugh (USF): "Let's talk about Culture, not Climate Change"
4:00-4:45: Kwasi Wiredu (USF): "African Ontology and the Concepts of Climate" 

Saturday, September 16
9:30-10:15: Ivan Marquez (Bentley College, Boston) "Truitt's Marxist Ethics and Climate Change"
10:15-11:00: Robert Litke (Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) "Climate Change  and the Grammar of Sustainability"
11:15-12:00: Michael Brannigan (Center of Bioethics, Kansas City): "Watsuji's Philosophy of Climate Applied"

1:30-2:30: Think Tank Panel I: Climate & Philosophy -- Theory
Panelists: Kevin Aho (Florida Gulf Coast University)  West Gurley (USF) Denise Kleinrichert (USF) Melinda Rosenberg (University of North Florida) Martin Schönfeld (USF)

2:45-3:45: Think Tank Panel II: Climate & Philosophy -- Practice 
Panelists: Sidney Axinn (USF/Temple University) Steve Geisz (University of Tampa) Martin Schönfeld (USF) Roy Weatherford  (USF) and, representing skeptical dissent, Brook Sadler (USF)

4:00-5:00: Think Tank Panel III: Climate & Philosophy -- Teaching 
 Panelists: Philip Bishop (USF) West Gurley (USF) José Haro (USF) Christopher Kirby (USF) Martin Schönfeld (USF)

Thursday-Saturday Poster Sessions
"Questioning the Earth's Value: A Proposal for a Carbon Sink Industry" Michael Eldred, University of Cologne, Germany
"Reconnecting Socially Constructed and Physical-Biological Realities"
Ronnie Hawkins, University of Central Florida, Orlando  

 The University of South Florida is located at the northeastern edge of Tampa Bay about 20 minutes from Tampa International Airport. Coming from I-75, take the Fowler exit and head west; the campus is on the right side. Coming from I-275, take the Fowler exit and head east; the campus is on the left side. The Phyllis B. Marshall Center is at the very center of campus. The university can be reached by car, but in line with Florida's fossil politics, there are naturally no trains and only surreal bus services. The campus, however, has a shuttle service, many parking lots, and nice walk ways.


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